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    1962-67 Chevy IIs
    I am selling my 1965 Nova. Stock 350 engine wit ha 4L60E transmission with a TCI - EZU controller. Church Boys front suspension with power rack and disc brakes. Centerline 17 x8 polished wheels. All rust areas have been cut out and replaced with new metal. Original floor pans. Asking $11,000...
  2. Converting to '65 Tail Lights

    Body and Interior
    Hi Everyone, I'm new here, but have been using the forum for years as an information resource. Now I find myself needing to post as I can't find my answers in any of my searches. Please go easy on me if I have missed something!!! I have a '62 2 door post race car built to be a '65 clone...
  3. Novas must live on

    Member Introductions
    How's it going everyone! I am in the process (ten year slow process actually) of building a 65 SS. The car sits as shown in the picture attached and is going to be getting final hammering and paint over the next few months at my buddies shop, JG design & Fab, Ventura Ca. My shop Gunmetal...