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1965 nova ss

  1. First Gen Suspension (MII front, Ford 8.8, custom 4 Link, MiniTubs, etc)

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    First Gen Rear Suspension (4 Link Build Attempt) There are so many highly skilled fabricators/builders lurking around here, so it can be a bit intimidating to share progress on some of these projects as things progress. But i often find motivation when seeing posts similar to this. Where a...
  2. Which 1st Gen Front Clip reigns supreme? (IN YOUR OPINIONS)

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Not trying to poke the bear here:poke:! Let me start off by saying, I've been doing my fair share of research and utilizing the amazing search feature. There is a plethora of information available to us lucky members who don't mind a little reading:eek:! I'm sure this topic has been beaten to...
  3. New Girl from So. Cal.

    Member Introductions
    I just joined the site last night as I have an electrical question I'm going to post today. I've got a 65 SS Nova that I've had for around 10 years. My husband and his friend are helping me to restore it back to a daily driver. I put on a TCI front end and purchased a Chevy ZZ4 350 and 2004R...