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1964 nova
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  1. Pro-charged 64 Chevy 2 for sale

    1964 Chevy Nova 2 resto-mod has a performance tuned 355 V8 with an intercooled pro-charger putting out over 600hp! Turbo 350 automatic transmission with a 3000 stall converter. This beauty also has a street cam, flat top pistons with aluminum heads, 4-core radiator with dual fans, and external...
  2. Body and Interior
    I recently got a 64 Nova and it came in pretty raw shape most of the front end is missing I for the life of me cant seem to find the mouting brackets for the front turn signals. Its all I need before I can put the new grill/fenders and headlight buckets in. Any help on where I can buy them would...
  3. Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    I am trying to raise the rear end of my '64 Nova just a bit to give me more tire clearance in the wheel wells. I have 255/ 40R17 Kumho tires on the back and they will rub if I enter a corner too fast and gets worse if anyone is in the back seat...even rubs if I creep over a speed bump. (front...
  4. 1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    i just bought a 64 chevy 2 and droped a 350 in it. i think patriot block huggers came on the motor,they dont fit. most headers i am shopping for say 283 for application, what headers will fit a gm350? (note: stock front end) also will i benefit from running off set motor mounts. any info helps...
  5. Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Opening bid is for $1,500. Car looks rough, but shows some promise. Not sure if anyone here would be interested, but wanted to at least bring it to your attention in hopes someone might want to buy & restore it...
  6. Drivetrain & Performance
    I have looked all over the engine and here is what I see - H28 - the engine casting # is 3994256 - it is a 1964 Chevy II Nova ( I believe a 400 from the 69 code) any help is greatly appreciated...thanks!:)
1-6 of 6 Results