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  1. Headers for a 194

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hey guys So I’m thinking about hopping up my 1962 194 and I found a dual carb intake but I’m looking hot some headers but I can only find ones that say they will fit 216/235/261 I read a post on here that said they should still work so I just want to make sure that that is true here is a link to...
  2. Are 1962 194s different than the rest

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hi everyone I have a 1962 coupe with a 3.2L 194 and When looking at parts I’m seeing that a lot of the time it says that a part is compatible with 1963 through some year I forget the exact year but not with 1962s and there is usually a different part number but the part looks the same what is...
  3. Mac from near Nashville, TN

    Member Introductions
    I was a teenager in the 70s, and we didn't quite grasp how fully awesome these cars were. Friend of mine had a black 63 for a little while. Believe we cracked the block "washing" the engine when it was still hot. Instead of rebuilding, we got a Corvette. Yeah, these babies were a little cheaper...
  4. Oil Change Questions

    Drivetrain & Performance
    Hey, Fellas. :salute: I'm getting ready for Oil Change No. 1 after the recent purchase of my 1964 Chevy II that still has the original 194ci "Hi-Thrift" 6-cylinder engine. Yeah; that old stovebolt motor is still running great after 47 years. :yes: My questions have to do with what should...
  5. PCV valve grommet

    Drivetrain & Performance
    I'm replacing the PCV valve on the 194 cid 6-cyl in my '63 Chevy II. I'm using a Fram FV237 and it fits loosely in the hole in the valve cover. I could probably wrap some tape around it to get it in snug but the assembly manual shows a grommet. I looked on-line and found a PCV valve / Crankvase...