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Chevy II
My Dad bought it in 1963 while attending college in Springfield, MO. It was our main car until 1980. My two sisters and I, drove it to school and college. In 81 the engine died, and the car was parked in the side yard. It sat on blocks until I brought it to my shop in 2009. The rust had done more damage than expected. It has a full floor replacement, lower quarters, and a hand fabricated rear panel. All work has been done by family members in my shop. With exception to the driveline.
1963 Chevrolet Chevy II (Red)


Engine was kept totally stock, from the 1 barrel carb to the 1 7/8' single exhaust. Dual reservoir master cylinder with a 9" booster was added. A Camaro 5-speed tranny has replaced the stock "three on the tree" shifter/ tranny.
Complete one section floor pan, new trunk pan, hand fabricated toe kicks and transmission tunnel to mid firewall. Swapped out the stock bench seat for Procar 90 low back buckets, so that they would clear the 5-speed shifter. Custom made headliner and rear seat cover (by Mom). The stock rubber mat was replaced with carpet. Both sound deadener and insulation are under the carpet. Column shifter was removed and the hole filled. All new rubber for the windows.
The rear panel between the tail lights was completely rusted away. With measurements I got off of SNS, I was able to bend up the new sections and make my own panel. Both lower quarters were rusted out and had to be replaced. All windows have a 50% film on them. The front fenders were rust free with exception to the area over the headlights and mud buckets. Both doors had cancer in the bottoms and lower sides. There was no rocker panel rust at all.
Only the quiet sound of the stock 194 inline six.
Rear end was swapped out for a 66 10 bolt with a powertrax locker rear. Stock mono leaf springs were kept. Front end received CCP disc hubs and steering arms. Kept the stock coil springs with no height change. Prothane bushing front and rear.
Wheel and Tire
195/65/15's all the way around. mounted on original 15x8 rally wheels with trim rings and derby hats.



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