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Chevy II
Nova 4 Door
Silver Blue
Tinted windows, one speed wipers, AM push button radio, 3 speed manual, HD radiator
Bought from a Grandson who inherited it from his Grandparents, paid $500. Set in my garage for 14 years. Just got it running after rebuilding brakes and adding 4.10 posi after rebuilding rear end including re-arching rear springs. Added Weber 38/38 carb, HEI, tach and under dash gauges and AM FM mono radio. Plans for a 292 from a combine and a T5 trans out of a 86 IROC with S-10 tail housing. Already have T5, a 292 out of a Combine, Clifford manifold/2 barrel plate, Stovebolt headers, 64 bell housing. Getting passengers side engine mount and Z bar mount, ATI balancer.
1963 Chevy II Nova 4 Door (Silver Blue)


194 with only change of adding Weber 38/38 carb and HEI ignition out of 76 Nova with outboard coil. Runs good but is not a fast car at all. Will pull from 1000 RPM in high gear surprisingly well.
Clean, couple of scratches on dash, not too bad. Has seat covers, don't know what shape seats are underneath covers. Suspect worn out so is why set covers where installed.
Original paint, Silver Blue. Car has 111, 000 miles on it. Paint faded and has a couple small bubbles and rust, nothing bad.
AM FM mono radio. Sent face plate to guy who put it on front of a AM FM mono radio. Run radio into stock speaker in dash.
Rebuilt entire rear end including bushings, bearings and 4.10 posi rear end. Had rear housing and backing plates sandblasted. Rebuild entire brake system. Put in new U-joints and front wheel bearings. Cars front end in really good shape. No slop in steering and stops and steers straight when let go of wheel.
Wheel and Tire
15X7 Ansen 4 lug Sprints front and rear. 185 65 15 Cooper Tours front, 205 70 15 Cooper Tours on back.



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