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General Information

Nova Coupe
Ascot Blue
Custom Trim
Good, solid, straight body with some surface rust on upper quarters and on trunk lid. Original 307 V8 has just over 138k miles and runs well but the 2bbl needs some attention (old remanufactured unit).
1971 Chevrolet Nova Coupe (Ascot Blue)


Original 307 V8 will soon undergo a rebuild with mild cam and some head work. Have actually located an NOS Rochester 2bbl for it.
The original PowerGlide recently received a new torque converter and planetary gear. Magnaflow dual exhaust system will be added as well. Original AC is kaput and I am struggling with going Vintage Air or rebuilding factory equipment. Currently has no PS or PB which are a must. Disc brakes may be added later on. Fuel tank and lines. plus brake lines, will be replaced also.
Overall the original black interior is in excellent condition except for front bench seat and carpet. New padding and original style seat cover have been installed. Had master cylinder leak inside so front carpet was ruined. Have new carpet which will be installed after Dynamat insulation goes in. New mesh package tray going in as well.
Plans are to restore the car as close to stock as possible but with a few mechanical upgrades. Repaint is in the near future in the original Ascot Blue color. Hate to loose the black painted (factory applied???) pin striping just below beltline but can't see a way to save them. New ones will be added for sure.
Have new GM-DELCO style AM/FM radio (w/MP3 connect) which will replace original AM radio. Speaker upgrade as well but nothing ridiculous.
Stock. It was squeaking and rattling so badly that the first thing I had done to the car when I bought it was to bring it to Beaumont Frame and Front End for an alignment, shocks, and a complete set of new bushings. Next thing was to replace the old muffler.
Wheel and Tire
Original 14" steel wheels w/dinner plates and white walls are cleaned and safely stored away in my garage. Got lucky and found set of 14" rallys with spinners and BW tires for a very reasonable price. Now looking for a good used set of GM turbine style center caps to replace the spinners.



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