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Chevy II 300 4-door Sedan
Satin Silver
Manufactured in February 1962 (Framingham, MA), Exported to Sweden and 1:st owner purchased it in May 1962. It has since covered approx. 237.000 kilometres, I am the 8th owner of this car wich I bought in August 2013, it has some cosmetical rust but has never been repainted. Sadly it also has an ugly paint scratch and some minor dents along the right side wich are results of it´s 1st owners last year of driving (he was 85 when he gave up driving). Engine was swapped together with Radiator and Heater unit by the 3rd owner in 1984 (for unknown reasons, but probably because a severe overheating and seizure) and is as far as I can see of the right type (194 cui, casting no. 3833057) but with an engine number that I can´t decode, owner number 4 added a trailer hook (1500 kgs.) and owner number 6 renovated the brakes and ínstalled a new exhaust system. Sadly some of the owners (probably the guy I bought it from but I´m not shure) has hacked up the electrical system and installed own modifications of which I don´t approve (but everything is working, of a sort.....) My plans are to sort out the electrics and drive it as it is through the Summer of 2014 and (when I hope I have more room in my garage) get on with the bodywork and other things necessary
1962 Chevrolet Chevy II 300 4-door Sedan (Satin Silver)


I will keep it pretty much standard under the hood, save for some small changes, the wiring is unfortunately a complete mess (see also interior), has to be completely replaced though......
Interior is in quite good condition for being 52 years old but the roof covering and instrument panel padding has to be replaced in the future.
Previous owners have repaired the front fender edges with filler and I will have to live with that for now, but I will try to paint the repairs in a matching colour, the aforementioned scratch and dents along the right side of the car is also visible in these pictures
The previous owner had installed a "modern" sound system with a CD player so one of the things on my "wish list" is a radio delete panel or a good looking (functional is not necessary) original or period radio, my plan is to hide any "modern" in-car entertainment. I have also included a couple of pictures of the wiring I have to replace.......



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