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I bought my SS in June of 1985, and drove the snot out of it...In 1986 I had the car repainted 84 Camaro red...This is the paint still on the car..It has lasted 27 years. Not bad for a 800.00 paint job. Now the paint is failing and it's time to repaint...But this time back to it's original color. Astro blue. I found no build sheets and have no other doc's from the car so it is what it is...It does have the original engine still between the rails which checks out to be a real SS..engine pad matches the vin, and the suffix code reads CRE or L48. I restored the interior over the years, doing the seats, headliner and carpets my self. It has been a fun car to own and drive for 28 years...Time to redo it again..I hope this car will get to my grand kids kids.
2013 Chevrolet Nova (Red)


Still has the original L48 350 engine...It was bored out .030 over when I got the car. Power steering, power brakes...that's about it. Turbo 350 trans.
Trim tag says 731 so it should be a bench seat car. As I got it it had bucket seats and deluxe interior...I added factory console and gages as I found them in the bone yard back in the day..Not right but I like it.
It should be Astro Blue but as I got the car it was red...I could not afford a color change at the time so It was repainted red...Hey I was 18 and in school...lucky I got it painted at all...LOL
Audio delet car. I like the engine sound.
Original suspension...4 leaf rear, rear sway bar is gone but story marks tell me it was there at one time...Open rear diff front is all stock.
Wheel and Tire
Had after market wheels when I got it..Then I put 15 inch ralleys on it, and later found the correct dated 14X7 Rally's..That's what are on it now...BF Goodrich TA's



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