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nova ss
Black primer from new body panels
This has always been my dream car since i was 16, but could never afford one finished and had hard time locating one to finish myself. Finally, 21 years later I made my dream come true. I was able to buy a 66 nova ss barn find. Car is still in process, I have put new quarters, door skins, floors, new checkered racing front end, got a mild 350 with M21 ready to go in, process of adding pos unit to rearend along with a four-link. I was able to locate so front seats, but having hard time locating a rear seat for a 2 door car. I figure I still have several months and hours ahead of me before finishing, but I waited this long to own one, so I don't mind alittle more time. The best part is I am doing all the work myself which is a first, and a good buddy supervises if I can't figure it out. Also got a set of 17x7 and 17x8 riddlers wrapped in firestone firehawks.
1966 Chevrolet nova ss (Black primer from new body panels)



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