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Chevy II
Aqua Azure metallic (soon to be deep purple)
The previous owner of the car blew the original six cylinder and after they took the engine out and put the 3 speed transmission in in the trunk, they pushed her into a garage where she sat for 25 years.
We found the car sitting in a field for sale in McCoole Maryland. we were going to use her for parts for our other 4 door 63. After my stepfather picked off what he needed for his deuce, he decided to send her to be scrapped. I liked her ever since we unloaded her in the driveway. So i saved her to give her new life. I've been working on her for about 3 years now
1963 Chevrolet Chevy II (Aqua Azure metallic (soon to be deep purple))


When i got her she didn't have an engine. So I called an old friend, and he sold me this 250 with Powerglide for $250 with only 70k miles on both.
She has a very diverse interior. I had to take out the factory bench seat to get the Monte Carlo shifter in, because it had a 3 on the tree and i wanted an automatic as my first build. So i got my hands on a set of Honda buckets that bolted right into the factory holes so i used them.
She's all original on the outside. All the way down to the factory "Chevy II" emblems on the rear quarters.
Wheel and Tire
When we bought her she came with aluminum slots, which really isn't my style, so i used the barter system to get these Oldsmobile rally wheels and she's had them ever since.



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