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Chevy II
tbd two tone
Car was a Dealers car in West Covina, California at Clippenger Chevrolet. Daughter of owner had for almost 27 years and she painted and restroed it after it spant sometime sitting under a tree. She then sold to Dealer Parts counter guy.
My Friend Steve and I met him at Pomona Fairgrounds Car Swap and he had just put in a new radiator and car still had all original drivetrain. Car was a 194 inline with powerglide.
Steve drove it daily for 7 years and put on 235,000 miles until he parked it do to some smoking.
I bought it from Steve in 2005 and am now getting around to building it to a V8 cruiser for the Family.
Plans are to put in a 350/350Trans, buckets, and two tone paint job.
1965 Chevrolet Chevy II (tbd two tone)


Started with a 194 powerglide original package that was pulled and sold off. Originality has it costs and low performance was not on the lists.
I bought two 250 inlines and sold them and now have a 350 Target (mileage? replacement) motor care of Joe (midnight express) Seeno. Joe did supply a nice looking turbo 350 trans and we will see if this all is good soon.
The interior has been treated to some BMW 3 series seats care of a Steve Shumrich trade, my backseat and $cash for his newly upholstered BMW units. Was not the original way to go but hey I dont look new seats in the face and say no.
Have a Two Tone future in mind. More later.
No thought here other than a huge FREE power amp and 6x9s that have sat in my garge new in a box for 10 years,.
Many changes and thoughts from stock to CPP to now I own two Chris Alston Chassisworks Coil overs.
I will start with that and continue toward owning CBR upper and lowers up front. Its the way to go.
I found a great dal on Wilwood dual piston Chevelle type disc calipers fr up front.
Out back i scored a rebuilt posi 10 bolt with CPP BIG Disc Brakes so I am good there.
Wheel and Tire
Gping to have to play this out. i see cool low profile whitewalls and chrome or steel wheeels all around.
I will nail the vintage look I am sure.



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