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Nova Wagon
Lapis Blue
self inflicted
Bought this car as a roller 12-13 years ago.It was still a un-cut normal 65 Wagon.The guy had frame connectors,dual exhaust,small block in-chassis headers,and V8 frame stands.He had also converted it to disc brakes & dual master cylinder.
I put a S&W frame rail kit & 10 point roll cage in it,with a drivers side swing out bar.I cut the wheel wells out big & round.At the time I had a stock width 12 bolt for a ChevyII,and a set of 15x12 rear wheels with a 8" back spacing.I run a 17.5x32 or a 18.5x33 ET Street on it.If I had cut the rear or ran a smaller tire I could have left the quater panels & back doors un-cut.But I like it this way anyway.I've had two 350's in it & two 454's in it.It's currently a pump gas 454.
1965 Chevrolet Nova Wagon (Lapis Blue)


It has a 454 bored .060" over now a 468,cast iron open chamber heads,Comp Cams roller cam,1050 Dominator car,2" Hooker Fender Well headers,NOS Big Shot nitrous plate with the 275HP jets in it.
The interior still needs a bunch of cleaning & new stuff.The carpet & door panels are shot.I'm getting a perfect steering wheel painted and a correct 65 ash tray.Just dropped that stuff of at my buddies paint shop yesterday.I have a 10 point roll cage in it.I still run a split bench seat.It's out of a 63 Sedan 2 door car I used to own.
5" bolt on cowl induction hood with a molded on aero scoop.Round rear wheel wells that also cut the roundness through the back doors.
1998 KIA Lapis blue paint.
No stereo,just a block off plate.I have 4" Borla mufflers for entertainment & a nitrous oxide kit with a hand operated switch that I hold up at the steering wheel....that's pretty entertaining!!!
S&W frame rail kit,suspended on stock ChevyII leaf springs,Cal Trac traction bars,stock replacement rear shocks (what ever was laying in the shed).Front end has MOROSO small block trick springs & Koni 90/10 front shocks,stock front sway bar,and the sub frame is notched to fit the BBC Hooker headers.
Wheel and Tire
17.5x32 ET street rear tires,165x15 front tires,sometimes I run my CRAGAR Super Tricks,sometimes I run my Weld Drag Lites,sometimes I ix them together depending on which rims have the tires I need.



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