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Chevy II Nova
Satin Black
so far, bone stock
My car was from factory a mist blue, 4 door, 65 Chevy II Nova. It came off the line in the second week of February 1965 in Norwood Ohio. It came with a 283 small block V8 with a 2 speed automatic power glide transmission. the options that were ordered on the car was power steering, back up lights, and a AM push-button radio. Around 1968, it was in an accident in which the front end driver side was hit. they took the V8 out and put in a 230 Inline six. Opon purchase of my 65 in 2010, I found it was used in a film in 1987 called "The Printing". A college named Bob Jones University took the car and made it over for the film. Their goal with the car was to make it a Russian KGB car for the film. With that said, they scrapped most of the factory trim, smashed the rear Quarter coves and bondoed them flat, drilled screws threw the grill and placed a row of silver painted copper bars in front of the grill. Then the car was painted black and the inside they painted it a nasty puke green. they covered the interior with their own hand made seat covers and door covers. by now the radio is history but film was rolling. I found the film on Youtube. after an hour of watching, there it was, my car. it had two Russian spys in it. They were after a guy who printed Bibles(at the time in Russia the film took place, Bibles were illegal and people were tortured for having them). so they chase the guy down a narrow ally way into a warehouse where it goes through a stack of barrels, a near miss with a deuce and a half, and then skidded out into a 14 foot shelf fill of bricks. Then after the film shooting was over, they threw it in a junk yard and sat for 18 years till I got it in 2010. since then I have been getting it back to being a Nova and not a "Russian wannabe". But don't get me wrong, I still have some of the film parts that they made for the car.
1965 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova (Satin Black)


I got a 1967 283 V8 with a matching powerglide. its got a MSD distributer, Edelbrock aluminum high rise intake, Edelbrock four barrel carb, a high torque mini starter, and a pair of 62-65 Chevy II Hedmen headers.
Factory issued
Wheel and Tire
it came with 14" 5 lug steel wheels.



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