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Traded a buddy $300 and a benchpress for a beater that he could not work on. Lucky for me I knew wiring and am pretty mechanically inclined. With a little love and some new parts, I got her back on the road with a front rewire, r/r suspension, and eventually a used motor and rebuild trans when I blew both up, (on separate occasions).
1970 Volkswagen Beetle (Yellow)


Under the hood rests oxygen, and a fuel tank. The deck lid houses an old 1600 dual port stock motor, bought from a guy in Long Beach out of the back of his Volvo for $300. The crank spun, and there was a rotating assy inside, so that was good enough for me. Bought it, slapped it in, added some oil, and I doubt I have even changed the oil since. That reminds me, I should do that soon. Have actually bought oil for the car on 2 separate occasions to change oil, the second time forgetting that I already bought 4qts that were never used.
Nothing but sheet metal and a driver seat. A piece of plywood covering the rear floor boards where the seat was, and the stupid plasic dash was the first thing in the trash. Plan on adding black aluminum panels and keeping the car very simple. Its my, 'Im working in the garage and super dirty, but need to get a part' car.
Yellow, and when I say yellow, Im talkin yellow! Yellow everything! Even the spray nozzles for the washer fluid were sprayed. Dont know who did this but it is almost a bit too bright for me...Luckily this car has some built in style to allow it to just barely pull off the yellow...and for some reason I kinda like it. Maybe go to an olive green flat or something mellow later on.
Entertainment consists of running songs in your head and singing along or whistling as you drive.
Front suspension uses spring tubes and trailing arms, with ball joints. Rear uses the same type of torsion spring and an IRS in the rear.
Wheel and Tire
Small lil rims with small lil wheels. I think they are 14s actually. I bought the car with this very same rubber that it sits on today. The rims are aftermarket knock offs of the original from what I am told. Either way I like the way she looks rolling down the street.



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