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I was talking to an old friend at a mutual friends funeral and we were talking about my old 74 hatchback I had back when I was in high school and how much fun we had in it, and I decided to recreate it. So I saved up some money and came across this fairly rust free 1974 nova for $1000. I dragged it to my friends house and have been slowly collecting parts for it, trying to recreate the car I had, but this time I have more money and more knowledge, so this time I am replicating the 350 hp 327 I had in the first car but I plan on changing drive train to maximize the characteristics of this engine. First two pics are of new project, the last one in this section is me and my old 74 back when I was in high school. Man that was a fast car!
1974 Chevrolet Nova (yellowish)


Currently building a 327 with 9.1 thermal coated pistons, with either a factory 350 lt1 cam, or a comp cam 268h. Planned heads are toss up between new vortec heads or if I go with aluminum heads, it is a toss up between patriot heads or edelbrock E tec heads around 67 cc. runners around 180-210 . Manifold will be a performer air gap with probably a msd or procomp hei. Also changing current 350 to a new 700r with about a 2000 stall converter .
Currently green stock. Future plans are to change interior to dark gray, with light gray panels. Since I am installing bucket seats, I will probably make a custom console to go around a shifter.
Currently cleaning up exterior. Replaced back trunk lid with a good one. Future modifications are to pull off all trim, fill in holes, and pull off 5 mile bumpers and tuck them close like a 69-72.
plan is for 10" speakers in the deck lid with probably some 6x9 or perhaps a round type speaker in door and smaller tweeter coming off console. Nothing set in stone, still thinking about it. Subject to change.
Planning on rebuilding front end with a polygraphite kit replacing everything. including body mounts. I scored a brand new built 10.5 10 bolt with 3:73 gears with an auburn posi. upgraded 31 spline axles.
Wheel and Tire
When I went to pick up the car the tires were flat, but the kid who sold me the car said I could have those old rims and tires in the corner of the shop... turns out they were a set of nice vintage Cragar rims complete with all hardware! SCORE! I will probably replace tires with something like a BF Goodrinch tire.. I haven't really looked yet.



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