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Chevy II Nova 2 door coupe
250ci, powerglide, 10 bolt, all original
I bought this car this past spring and have been working on it anytime I can. It is an original ChevyII Nova 250 straight six with a powerglide. For being an east coast car, it is in pretty good shape. I have new GM fenders for it, and the patches that it needs. I have big plans for it. Let me know what you think about it. Thanks, Dan
1967 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova 2 door coupe (Primer)


The car has the original 250 straight six in it. With a few hours of work, I got everything running. Car runs and drives great. Currently I have installed an offenhauser intake with a 450cfm holley to wake it up a bit. It has around 82000 miles on it. Sticking with the straight six with a twist. I am going to put a turbocharger on it and electronic fuel injection. Gotta do something different.
The interior is almost completely stock. The bench seats have been recovered. I have new carpet and headliner for it and a few more new pieces.
Right now it's rust and primer. I have the new gm fenders for it, and a few patch panels to install. I am going to paint the car bright blue metallic.
The car has a vintage pioneer 8 track player in it. Yes I said 8 track. It still works, I play a few different tapes in it and it gets a lot of smiles and brings back a lot of memories for people.
The plan is to put a new style stereo system in it and it still look factory. Way more important things on the list, so the 8 track will do for now.
Right now everything is stock. I am going to move the leaf springs in just enough to put a slightly narrower moser 12bolt and wider tires. The front will be a fatman subframe using the stock fenderwells. I just picked up the subframe for a steal and it will work great for the straight six. power disk brakes and a rack and pinion steering will be nice.
Wheel and Tire
Right now the car still has 14" american racing outlaw wheels. Soon I will be putting on an old set of A/P wheels. They look like torque thrust D's but they are about 40 years old. Dad has had them since the early 70s and I love the look of them on my Nova.



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