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General Information

Numbers Matching 396 375hp 4Speed
Lemans Blue
It has custom interior, and rare tinted windows.
I had known of my car since 1993, my son in laws brothers brother in law wow thats a tounge twister bought the car. I originally bought the car in 1998 when the owner died. Here is the history of my Nova.
My Nova was bought new at Applegate Chevrolet in Flint Michigan by Jimmy Valasek off the showroom floor. He was called to the Army and sold it to his Brother Mike. Mike had it till late 1970 he sold it to a life long friend Ron Stone guess what Ron got called into the Army and sold it to his Brother Rod. Rod had the car till 1973 and sold it to another life long friend Brian Thompson. Brian had the car untill 1991 during the time he had the car it sat most of the time in his Dads barn and didnt drive it much. Brian sold the car to Rod and Ron Stones cousin Richard Bartlett. Richard didnt do anything with the car it sat in his garage untill he sold it to Mike Cholak in 1993. Mike did not drive the car much he had 5 cars. I bought the car in 1998 after Mike passed away.
1969 Chevrolet Numbers Matching 396 375hp 4Speed (Lemans Blue)


Under the hood is the original numbers matching L78 396 375hp.
The back seat is original. The bucket seats without console are original, but they have been recovered. It still has the original SS steering wheel, the original dash pad, and the original seat belts.
My Nova has been painted only, and not restored it has the original floor pans.
It has the rare original blue light AM & FM stereo radio and it still works fine. There were only a little over 300 made in the 1969 Novas.
The suspension is original except for traction bars that was put on in 1973. The gears was changed to 373s. It has the original M 22 4 speed.
Wheel and Tire
Red lines and the original dog dish hub caps



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