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Nova SS
This car was purchased new and taken to the track. It raced for 14 years, where upon it was sold to a friend who raced it for another 10. The motor was then pulled and put into a jet boat, to replace a blown one. The car sat for several years. The gentleman I bought it from purchased it and had it restored. He enjoyed it for several years before deciding to sell it to purchase a Harley for his wife. I was selling a Harley.... long story short. Eventually, the underneath product began to bleed thru the paint. This was disappointing for me, as the car looked pretty nice ( Hugger Orange ). So, I took it to a shop and had them strip it down to the metal. Since it was disassembled and stripped, I decided to go with the color I truly wanted, also adding body side molding and a vinyl top. I also went thru the transmission, clutch, and rear end. Added a new shifter, and installed the proper bucket seat floor brackets. While I was at it, I added the factory console hump ( under the carpet, which was also replaced ) in case I should decide to install a console at a later date. Needless to mention everything I have done. But, it's been a lot. Love this Nova!
1969 Chevrolet Nova SS (Black)


The original engine was a 396. It is long gone. So, dressed up as a 396, now sits an early to mid 70's 454. Want to keep it stock looking. A Lakewood scatter shield bell housing protects the legs.
According to the prior owner, the car was a factory bench seat car. He had removed the bench seat upon finding some stock 69 Bucket seats. He'd had the Body Shop install them. Upon receiving the car from him I didn't like the stance of the seats. I had removed them, and the carpet to repair the transmission tunnel, which had been butchered to install a different than factory shifter while being raced. Upon removal of the carpet, I'd found why the seats felt awkward. So, I purchased factory Bucket seat Brackets, and installed them. Much nicer now.
Stripped it to the metal and found some interesting history. The car had two repaints prior to me. Originally, it was (according to the paint code ) Burnished Brown. Found evidence that it had been stripped and changed to the GM factory yellow. The gentleman I purchased it from had a body shop restore it further, replacing the lower quarters and changing the color to Hugger Orange. Upon my purchase, there was issues with the prior paint. Therefore, to the body shop. Disassembled, stripped of the Orange, and painted Black. Adding the Vinyl Top, and Body Side Moldings.
I replaced the dash bezel, as all of the trim paint had worn off. When I installed the new bezel I upgraded a few things. One of them the radio. It looks stock. But, has a lot of modern upgrades.
Suspension exists of factory control arms up front, with factory multi-leaf springs in the rear, backed up by a nice set of Cal Tracks. The rear was rebuilt and the posi clutch system is gone. Replaced it with the new all gears True Track.
Wheel and Tire
I received the car with the Rally Wheels. They looked good with the Hugger Orange paint. However, once I had changed the color, I needed to balance the car out. So, I added the factory correct SS wheels, which matched and balanced the rest of the cars perspective. Love them!



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