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Chevy II Nova
Meadow Green
4 Door
The car is originally from Maine I believe. It has a Maine dealer sticker on the rear anyway. I purchased it from a couple in Paxton Mass. They had the engine/tranny rebuilt while they owned it. I bought it in 2016. I've toyed with the idea of upgrading the powerplant and had all but decided against it when I found a deal on a '68 Impala that I couldn't refuse. I was going to get rid of the Nova but my son wants me to keep it and about the same time as all this was happening I found the 327. My goal is to build a nice "64 Moredoor sleeper. I've just started and the goal could shift along the way depending on my son's input. I'll try to upgrade here as the build goes along.
1964 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova (Meadow Green)


she had a nice running 194 w/2sp powerglide. The last owner had the engine and tranny rebuild. I've pulled that powerplant and will be replacing it with a 327. I'm not sure what tranny to go with. I was going to go with the TH350 but I've read the TH400 is much better. I'll be picking brains in the forum. Either way it will be a while before I am going to be dropping the new powerplant into her so I have plenty of time to decide.
The interior is sandal. I was going to go back to the stock interior but am not so sure now. I have to put the shifter on the floor with the 327 upgrade so I'm thinking I want to put bucket seats and hope to score a console from a 64. I'll have to see what the bucket seat saddle interior looks like before I decide which if I want to go back to original or not. The interior will be a total replacement. I've also located a total factory a/c install kit in the original box. I know I'll sacrifice a little HP for it but I really think I'll have HP to spare when I am done.
I was not planning on doing any kind of sheep metal repairs at all until way down the road in the build. Up until I started this build I'd only found an area in the trunk that is weak. I ended up finding some pretty bad rot on the Left skirt assembly. Since I had to pull the left fender off I figured what the heck, I'll pull the right hand fender too. Here are a couple of pics of what I found. The outer cowl was rotted pretty bad and there was rot to the right of the upper mount plate on the firewall. I've got the outer cowl off, I am in the middle of removing the inner cowl shoulder panel. Then I'll be able to do a better assessment of what I need to do to fix the damage on the upper mount pad and firewall.
The stock AM radio only got one station and it was oldies. I love it, I knew all the words. For some reason the grand kids didn't see it the same. I ended bringing it to a local shop for an upgrade. The pic doesn't seem to have any name or model on it. I'll have to look for it. I know it at least now is AM/FM, it has other bells and whistles too but what they are is beyond me. I was happy with AM.
I was hoping to be able to rebuild the suspension, steering and upgrade the brakes to power. Was that a fantasy. Every piece I took off led to something else. I am at the point now where I am going to order a Mustang II IFS system from CPP. I looked at church boys and there is no way that I can justify their cost. Currently I am still tearing the front clip off. I already took the right skirt off. I have to take the steering out and then I can take the Left skirt off. I have some work to do on the right side of the firewall. Once that is done I will order the CPP system. Hoping to have the front end done by next summer at latest.
Wheel and Tire
Well she had 13" rims when I bought her. Up until I started this build I thought she had 4 lug wheels. She has the five lug. Not that any of that matters right now, I will be putting a CPP Mustang II IFS system on her. I'm building her as a sleeper. I like to toy with the idea of keeping the 13" rims on her. I'll be asking about that in the forum.



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