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Daniel Daley
Chevy II Nova 400
Meadow Green
4 Door 400
The car is originally from Maine I believe. It has a Maine dealer sticker on the rear anyway. I purchased it from a couple in Paxton Mass. They had the engine/tranny rebuilt while they owned it. I bought it in 2016. I've toyed with the idea of upgrading the powerplant and had all but decided against it when I found a deal on a '68 Impala that I couldn't refuse. I was going to get rid of the Nova but my son wants me to keep it and about the same time as all this was happening I found the 327. My goal is to build a nice "64 Moredoor sleeper. I've just started and the goal could shift along the way depending on my son's input. I'll try to upgrade here as the build goes along.
  • 1964 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova Mordoor 400 (Meadow Green)


This is a moving target during the build. I've changed my mind several times since starting the build. I originally purchased a newly rebuilt 327 out of a '67 Chevelle. Then I started getting the LS bug and currently have an LS 5.3 from a 2000 Silverado sitting in the garage waiting to be built. My goal will be 500hp if I decide to use the LS. I've changed my mind several times about what tranny to use also. At first I was thinking TH350 but after reading on the site and talking to members I started leaning towards the 4l series tranny. Most recently I've been reading on the 4l75. Same same with the rear end. I am pretty sure I will use the 8.2 that came with the car. It will definitely be posi but not sure of gearing yet. I am not so worried about these decisions at the moment while I am getting all of the body work done. Once the body is done, then I'll have to start making decisions about the powertrain.
Her original interior was sandal with a front bench seat. Once I pulled the seats I found that both front sides of the floorboard need to be replaced. I'm leaning towards bucket seats when I put it all together. I've done some research and it seems the seats out of quite a few vehicles fit into the Chevy II. All the metal in the interior was painted sandal but the exterior is Meadow Green. The one definite decision I've made about this build is that the interior metal will be the same color as the exterior color. The color of the rest of the interior is still up for grabs. I've wavered between keeping the sandal or going black. Gonna let my son decide on outer and interior colors.
The right side upper firewall mount had some rot along with the outer cowl and shoulder panel. That's been repaired. I'll be using an aftermarket front clip. Currently both rocker panels will be replaced along with the front floor panels. There is an area in the trunk that is weak and will be replaced also. The rest of the body looks pretty solid but I haven't had it blasted yet. I've read up on blasting and it sounds like dustless is the friendliest on the metal so that is most likely that way I'll go. Once that is done I'll know if there is anymore sheet metal that will need to be repaired. Not sure what the final color will be. I wanted to paint it back to the original Meadow Green but I googled cars with that color and I'm not feeling it at all. Son will pick the final interior and exterior colors.
She had the original AM radio with a front speaker. The radio worked great, it only got two stations and they both played oldies. I loved it because I knew the words to every song but my grandkids hated it. The sound sucked too because it was the original worn out speaker. I had the radio replaced with an aftermarket AM/FM along with a new speaker in the front and a rear speaker (they had to cut the back panel to fit the speaker, I was told it would be flat and unnoticeable, not true). I've since found out that an option on the '64 was an AM/FM radio, the rear speaker was also an option. I hope to find an original AM/FM to put back in her and I'll replace the rear package tray with one that is made to fit a speaker without having to cut it.
The lighting will stay stock with the possible exception of the dash lights. Dash bulbs can be bought in many colors and I like the idea of them matching the outside of the car. I will probably try to see if I can get the interior light the same color also.
She will definitely have a dual exhaust. Most likely with headers but I want to lean towards a sleeper with the build so I'll be talking to others about options.
She had 13" 5 lug suspension with drum brakes. The front end will be replaced with an aftermarket clip, most likely a TCI. The steering will be upgraded to rack & pinion, brakes will be upgraded to 11" disk in front and rear. Plan right now is to use the original 8.2 rear end that came with the car. It will be upgraded to a posi, not sure about gearing. I plan on putting frame connectors on her but no tubbing. Plans for the rear end may change during the build. I don't want to go to extremes if I don't need to but I don't want to spend money on a rear end that won't be able to handle the power either. Final decision will depend on what the engine dyno's at when it is built.
Wheel and Tire
She originally had 13" 5 lug wheels. I've been reading a lot of threads on here about wheels and tires and I have no idea what I will be going with. That will be one of the last decisions I have to make. Probably will have my son pick out the wheels once I figure out what size to use.



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