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Yeah, I got a package...
Bought in December of 2011. Had an Olds 307 and 200-4R tranny. Interior was cobbled together. Paint was shitty as possible, brushed on house paint I think. Gay little 14 inch Olds rims. I didn't exactly brag to the world about it. HOWEVER..
1978 Chevrolet Nova (Many)


327 industrial block, standard bore. 11.5:1 compression pistons on H-beam rods. Comp custom grind sold roller cam. Gross lift .707, 106 center, duration for days. It's nasty. Crower lifters, roller rockers, PBM 2.08/1.60 valves stuck in a Dart Pro1 aluminum glorious set of heads. Holley 1050 on top a stupid tall manifold. Can't decide on a tranny. It's killin me. To shift, or not to shift. I do love me a 4 speed. BUT there's a TH350 built up and ready to go...
Keepin the stock dash and steering wheel. Back seat removed, will make a padded bench with lips for my dog. No backrest for the bench, just a padded and upholstered board with a HD bar and shield on it. Black thin carpet in there. Front seats don't exist yet. I need low sitting seats with side bolsters. I'm too tall for stock height, and this car is gonna handle pretty well. Door skins stock and plain. I'm a no frills type o guy. Well, except for the big ass HD logo in the back.
Bumpers sucked in flush. Paint will be flat black. Possible HD orange stripes to match my Vrod. 17 inch TA snowflake rims with 275-45 tires. All chrome painted with the black chrome Duplicolor stuff. Cowl hood out of necessity, would prefer stock hood but intake too tall. That's the plan so far. The back windows are etched in yellow with Sylvester the cat and Tweety bird flippin the finger. I gotta leave it. It's as retarded as I am.
Sony head in glove, no amp yet, Kenwood speakers in front door and back deck. Small enclosure single 12 inch Rockford sub in the trunk. Nothin all boomin, just loud enough to be heard over the exhaust. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the 8-track player mounted under the dash wired into the accessory on the Sony. That being said, I need more 8 tracks. E.L.O, Jerry Reed, oh so many more.
Eibach lowering coils up front. 1.5 inch drop. KYB GR-2 shocks. May replace with KYB adjustables. All the ball joints and tie rods and such say Moog. Front sway bar is the Dorman upgraded unit for a 02 Monte SS or Grand Prix. It's a hoss. Rear leafs moved inward a tad, lowering HD springs off my buddy's 67 Camaro. Same dude that sold me the 4.10 posi rear end set up for rear disc.
Wheel and Tire
Done said that... 17 inch Snowflake versions of the Bandit's TA rims. 275-45 tires. Ain't got tires yet. I'll buy the cheapest I can cuz I'm gonna destroy them in a hurry. Front brakes stock for now, rear disc conversion uses 2WD S10 calipers and pads on 4WD rotors.


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