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100?? Who knows
Ever since I layed eyes on her I knew she was going to be mine! What or where she came from I didnt know, and I wasnt even really looking for a Nova, but the lil 1st gen sitting there in that parkinglot was calling my name!
1964 Chevrolet Nova (Black/Black)


Big ol FAT 194 CID pushing about 95hp?? LOL No idea what the motor does, but she runs pretty strong and very smooth aside from a big dead spot from idle. Single bbl rochester, and has powerglide. Going to swap for SBC 350 and 350 soon as I build them up...but not putting big power behind lil single circuit brake system, so in the process.
Interior looks fairly decent. When I bought it there were no tears in the seats, but after three years, some corners are starting to come undone and it needs to be re-sewn but aside from that and one little spring sticking out of the driverside bench, no holes. Headliner is somewhat new, and a lil bunched up at the corner but its intact and looks decent. Carpet that could use a cleaning but again, decent condition. The dash is black, with the silver accents of switches and controls. Has all dash trim (I think). Dont know who did the repaint, but the car looks as if it were a metallic sort of blue...but I dont know if that was a stock color either.
Exterior has only the rocker and rear trim moldings. Other trim is gone. Body has probably has considerable bondo work done, expecially to the rear quarters, as that area looks kinda nasty if you look at it. Under the car she look very clean and no rust on the unibody or other major parts that I can tell. I cleaned out the engine bay last night and am very surprised at how well it looks. Some RH/front damage that I am still determining the extent of. Honestly didnt even see it when I bought it but stands out like a sore thumb though..
Thank the lord for MP3 players, and the guy smart enough to mount his aftermarket radio in a plastic box UNDER the dash, as opposed to cutting the original radio out. 2 6X9's in the rear will do the job, CD player and radio, although the antenna hole is covered by weld. Just the basics, and just enough to get you by.
Suspension is all stock right now, which I hate. CBR lower tubular arms and power r/p kit in the mail. Eventually I will switch to CBR uppers and the coilovers...In the rear, running single mono leafs, need to drop the spring a few inches to raise the rear for tire clearance, probably going to fab some extended shackles and call it a day until I can redo the rear end of it.
Wheel and Tire
195's up front and 215's rear with 15" wheels. Rally sport rims with moon caps. Might change out the caps for a fresh new look, but Im really thinking about some Torque Thrust or some Outlaw rims. All a process...and MOST of it a fun one:)



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