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Burghundy with Black Stripes
Yeah, right
This was my first car, purchased when I was 15. I have no idea how many owners came before I did, but the car was well used with over 100k on the odometer when I nursed it home. I've owned it for, uh, *quite* a long time since then.

The car was wrecked when I bought it for $1200 - it had been sideswiped from wheel to wheel on the passenger side, but was otherwise physically intact (other than 4 mismatched and worn out tires).

This car came from the factory with 350 V8, sport mirrors, vinyl top, chrome/black side trim, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and rallye wheels. I paid one of my Dad's friends $320 for the body work and paint, including stripes. That same work would probably cost 10x as much today.

I quickly got to work ripping the smog pump and related equipment out from under the hood. I painted the wheels gold, which was an awesome offset to the burgundy body, and I added a black fin, which isn't visible in the photos. The fin came off the back of a 70's station wagon.

A little over a year after owning the car, my dad and I put in a Crane Fireball cam (poor choice, little performance gain), headers, dual exhaust, Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake, and the massive hood scoop. Another year later and I added the Centerline wheels.

I have a funnel-type air canister under the scoop with two stacked 8-inch air filters. I'll add pictures of this at some point, but the whole engine compartment is pretty grimy right now.

There's a tach added to the steering column and 3 gauges under the dash. Other than that the car is stock, and I will take a very wild guess that it was putting out maybe 250 HP (terrible, I know, but remember it started out with 180 tops).

The car is currently sitting in the woods, rotting, rusting, and molding. It has been laid up like that for around 15 years. I am planning a full restoration beginning in April 2012, funds permitting.
1974 Chevrolet Nova (Burghundy with Black Stripes)


Factory 350 V8, with factory Rochestor Quadrajet sitting on an Edelbrock Performer aluminum intake. Very mild Crane cam. Headers. A little bit of chrome eye candy here and there plus some red nylon hose covers. Currently, all this is covered in dirt, grime, dust, oil, and leaves. :-)
Threw away the bench seat and slapped in some stationary buckets from a forgotten Pontiac. Otherwise, bone stock.
Basically stock. The hood scoop, paint, wheels, and tires make you think a lot more has been done to the car than reality.
It has an aftermarket AM/FM cassette stereo with a Jensen speaker at all four corners. The radio was loud enough to hurt your ears when new, but nothing like the doofus thumper systems you hear today. I have no idea if the system still works - the speakers are most likely dry rotted by now.
Stock, with the exception of twist-in spring helpers on the front, which were added to help keep the headers from banging on speed breakers.
Wheel and Tire
Centerline brand spun aluminum racing wheels (not those stupid knock-offs that everyone *calls* "centerlines"). 14 x 7 up front, 15 x 8.5 in the rear. BF Goodrich 60 series raised white letter radials on all four corners.



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