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Yellow/ Blue front end
I just picked this old girl up a few weeks ago and I’m so excited to have a nova again. My dad bought me one when I was really young and we were working on restoring her. Our interests drifted to horses and we sold all the cars :( been missing my nova ever since. I still can’t get over the fact that I finally got a nova again and I can’t wait for the day when I can move back home and share the project with my dad again. Hopefully I’ll get some pics up soon.
1974 Chevrolet Nova (Yellow/ Blue front end)


The previous owner put an LT1 out of a 94 Camaro in her. She was running when I bought her but she was backfiring a bit. on top of that the fuel pump he had installed wasn't doing the trick so she would run but as soon as you put her in gear and try to take off she would stall out and wouldn’t go anywhere. let’s see oh yes trani is leaking like crazy, hopefully I’ll get her on the lift this week and see what’s going on with that.
Black and yellow. It looks pretty sweet on the inside and I like the look but don’t really think I want a yellow car so I’ve been trying to think of a color that would go well with the yellow interior. Any Suggestions?
She is a 74 with a 68 front end yellow except the front end is blue at the moment. (Body is the last thing on my mind at the moment)



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