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Nova Custom
Pearl Red / Graphite Metalflake
Custom Designed by David Michael (1HOT74NovaCustom)
Great - I REbuilt & customized this I gotta build my Garage on SNS? patient with me! This started in spring of 2011, & just finally "finished" June 2015. Sadly, my body/paint guy was criminally insane, almost making ME that way too! I've now included a couple BEFORE pics also.
1974 Chevrolet Nova Custom (Pearl Red / Graphite Metalflake)


Pretty, but still needs pro tweaking to wrestle every horsie outta dis monster. See what a WRECK I started with (3rd pic)?
Shows much of the intricate detail. I had the shift boot made, arm rest covered, and covered the rear shelf with the extra charcoal vinyl I ordered from who I had make my two-tone seats. The console comes as a white fiberglass "blank canvas" from I made it how I wanted it. Mine's now pictured at their website.
Red Pearl. Stinger Hood (same Graphite Metalflake on cowl as on dash metal and top of console) / Both bumpers tucked / Parking lights smoke lenses / SS grille with 2 horizontal silver bars & SS emblem / Rocker panel + qtr panel ribbed polished alum trim / LED's: 2 red bullets shining on rear license plate, plus 3 spread onto road under each bumper / Tinted windows / Bullet side mirrors. Modded a '72 rear view mirror into this (I hate those stick-on-the-windshield mirrors).
Audio not ALL went perfect on first try; the center unit (a Waves MaxxBass 103) will be replaced by a subwoofer cuz the exhaust rumble (schaweeet!!) cancels out too much music bass!
All new leaf springs, Energy Suspension polyurethane, new shocks (Camaro style), and a completely refurbished rear axle...but without the cast aluminum diff. cover yet in this pic. Completely refurb'd entire front end, engine exterior, and smoothed firewall.
Wheel and Tire
May not be still available, but the US MAG U-105 Torq Thrust was the ONLY true choice for this car design. Just wish I could've gotten them in a greater backset inward (like .5 to .75") all around.



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