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I bought this '74 Nova last fall ('09)...Craiglist's ad for 400 bucks. I called and he said he'd take 200 bucks for it with a 6 cyl. that turns over, but never had running. I went the 50 miles to look at it and bought it for 175 dollars. It cost another 65.00 dollars to rent a dolley and put gas in my kids truck to get it home. We had the 6 cyl running in about 10 minutes by putting a battery in it, and some gas down the carb. It ran great too, but i wanted a 350. It sat like that all winter and spring, then i bought a '74 350 4 bolt out of a c10 pick-up for 100 bucks. I had to put a set of heads on it, just a set of 194's, (65.00) and a mild .442 lift Comp cam, and a Edelbrock performer EPS high rise with a holley 600cfm carb. I got a set of Pro form valve covers and a matching air cleaner 2nd hand for next to nothing to dress it up a bit, and of course, while i had it apart, i cleaned and painted every just makes it look cleaner like that. That's as far as i got for now, and probably won't do much else untill next spring. I bought a set of bucket seats out of a camaro, that looks amazingly close to the right one's for this, that i'll put in after i get the new carpet in, and i picked up a set of 245/60/14's white lettered tires to mount onto the factory ralley wheels next spring as well. It's kind of slow going, but i'm laid off from work right now, and living on unemployment, so you do what you can, and pick up anything you know you'll need down the road every time you can get a good deal. BTW, i sold the original 6 cyl out of it on Craigslist for 150 buck, so i guess i only had 25 bucks in it starting, i remember those days
1974 Chevrolet nova (red)


Obviously, i yanked the 6 banger out and added a '74 350 4 bolt instead. An Edelbrock Performer EPS intake and Holley 600 cfm carb, new orange paint, and Pro form valve covers and matching air cleaner added to the intimidating look, and a Comp cam .442 lift, .272 duration cam helps to handle the added fuel without making it too rough at idle.
I spent about 2 weeks tearing the rubber floor mat out, and welding in all 4 floor pans. A couple had big holes, and a couple had smaller ones, but i had some i cut out of a junk car years ago, so i cut all 4 out, and cut the replacement one's to fit. After welding them in, i ground them down, covered the seams with seam sealer, and sprayed primer over the repaired are till i get a chance to buy new carpet to put in. I also got underneith, and cut off the extra over hang from the old floor area, and sealed the seams, and tared and undercoated there as well. I picked-up a set of black bucket seats out of an older camaro that i'll put in once i get the new carpet put in. I also added white gauges, with all bulbs replaced with 7 each led bulbs...each push in bulb has 7 leds....yee haa
Haven't got there yet.....just getting started.
Not there yet.....just getting started.
Haven't gotten there yet.....just getting started.
Wheel and Tire
While it actually came equipped with the correct ralley wheels, the tires were terribly dry-rotted, so i picked up a set of 245/60/14's with raised white letters and less than 500 miles on 'em for 160 bucks!!!



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