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General Information

Chevy II
Grecian Green
No Options/Bare Bones
Found and purchased late in 2012. It was sitting in a local garage since 2002. The original mileage of 24,150 is accurate and while some things have been redone it's basically a very solid original car. During 2013 I kept the mileage below 25,000 miles while attending a dozen or so local car shows and cruises.
1968 Chevrolet Chevy II (Grecian Green)


Stock/Original but in 2013 I stripped the engine block and other parts under the hood and refinished them. I also found hidden markings under the factory paint on the frame and the engine block but had to put new paint over them.
The car still has the original rubber floor covering and all of the original interior panels. The car when purchased had an aftermarket radio but this got replaced with a rebuilt AM radio.
The car also was so basic that there was no illumination light for the heater controls and in 2013 I added one and plugged it into the factory fuse block so that no wires original to the car were modified or cut.
Stock/Original although at one point just the exterior was repainted but matched to the still original paint inside the door jambs and inside the trunk.
In 2014 I will install the correct hubcaps but this year I left on the hubcaps that were on the car along with some NOS trim rings I had for my Spirit of America Nova.
Being in the car audio business for over 30 years I do plan on installing a completely hidden audio system sometime in the near future. I've already ordered and received a new replacement package shelf that has molded in speaker openings and the original dash speaker has been replaced with a pair of 4" coax speakers.
In 2013 I started cleaning the front and rear suspension to expose a lot of the factory assembly line inspection paint marks that were still intact. In 2014 I will continue and finish cleaning and documenting the suspension and undercarriage. The car still has the original ball joints, steering linkage, and rear axle suspension parts.
Wheel and Tire
Currently it has incorrect center caps and trim rings but in late 2013 I bought the correct hubcaps for the car and after they get cleaned up I will put them on the car.
I recently purchased a set of NOS hubcaps for the car. I never thought I would come across these.



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