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Cottonwood Green
Bought this car in 1991 with 16,600 original miles. Originally equipped with a 250 6 cyl.,powerglide and open 10 bolt rear. First upgrade was to install a ZZ-3 crate motor, turbo 400 and a 12 bolt posi with 4.11 gear. Upraded that combo by making the motor a ZZ-430 clone with the addition of GM's "hot cam", 1.6 rockers and a set of "fast burn" cylinder heads. In the quest for more power, the present engine is a 383 I built in my office.
1971 Chevrolet Nova (Cottonwood Green)


The quest for more power led me to build a 383 consisting of a factory 4 bolt block , studded mains, line honed and decked . The rotating assembly consists of an Eagle 4340 crank, 6" Eagle H-beam rods, Wiseco forged flat top pistons, Clevite "H" series bearings, and Sealed power file fit rings all internally balanced by Kightlinger machine in Conneaut Lake, Pa. The damper is a heavy duty 8" GM unit. A melling standard volume, high pressure oil pump and Milodon pan control oil flow.
Valvetrain consists of a custom grind solid roller cam from Jay Adams of Comp Cams. The specs are: Lift .639 in, .631 ex., duration @.050 is 258 int., 266 exh. with a 108 LSA. Pushrods are comp hi-tech +.250. The heads are 2001 AFR 210's with 2.08 Manley Race Flow intakes and 1.60 AFR exhausts. Valve springs are 943 Comp's with Comp titanium retainers. Rockers are comp pro-magnum stainless. The heads were ported by Jim Gemler of Gemler performance in Erie, Pa. The intake manifold is a GM "bowtie" single plane also massaged by Gemlers, topped with a Holley HP 830 cfm carb and a Wilson Manifolds tapered spacer. Exhaust is handled through a pair of Hooker 1 7/8" primary super comp headers with 3 1/2" collectors. An MSD 85551 distributor with a 6AL box, and Moroso Ultra 40 wires handle the spark to NGK plugs.
The convertor stalls at approx 3400 and runs through a TH 400 and a 12 bolt with 4.56 gears.
With a compression ratio of 10.5-1, this engine runs great on 93 octane pump gas.
Stock bench seat interior. TH-400 shifted with original column shifter with Hurst line lock (switch on shift lever). Autometer Sport comp 3 3/4" tach with MSD shift light, oil pressure, water temp and fuel pressure gauges.
Totally stock. Original paint with the exception of a steel 2" cowl hood. Being garaged the original laquer still shines!
Engine noise.
Suspension is a stock style multi-leaf setup with SRD Assassin traction links, and chassisworks weld in subframe connectors. Front sway bar is removed, front shocks are CE drag shocks, and rear shocks are adjustable CE drag shocks.
Wheel and Tire
original 14" painted wheels on front. 15"X7" rear with 275/60 BFG drag radial. Dog dish hubcaps off of a '70 because I don't like the baby moons used in '71



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