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sanded orange
Bought this project car online. picked it up 12 hrs away from where i live. have only had it for about 2-3 months takin my time hoping to have it driveable anyways for 2011 car show in my town. is originally a 6 cylinder car but has a 305 in it right now will be changing that but it takes time. has a th-350 tranny with a floor shifter (and a big hole for the shifter for some reason), is set up for a standard transmission with the clutch and such apparently was a drag car but is straight, it needs rear quarters, trunk floor, 3 sections of the floor did one myself now. plan on doin the quarters next winter right now i have bondo fiberglass on them to fill the holes and make it look good for paint. i dont plan on bringing it back to originallity as it will be a fun street/ strip toy. i am plannin on doing all the work myself to help me learn this is my first car like this so it will be frusterating but so worth it.
1969 Acadian (sanded orange)


right now 305, eventually (hopefully) a blown 496 stroker
nothing yet, hoping to do some custom seats, interior lighting and gauges
nothing yet
eventually will have a stereo
nuthin special, i will be putting in frame connectors, it needs new shocks but i will have to do some research so i can jack the rear end up a bit so i need longer shocks
Wheel and Tire
stock 14" rally wheels (i think) maybe 15" cant remember



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