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Showcase cover image for 64haganml's 1964 Chevrolet Chevy II 100 Nova series (269) 4 door 6 cyl inline

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Chevy II 100 Nova series (269) 4 door 6 cyl inline
Light blue metallic, (Bad repaint).
homebrew '95 truck 350/Turbo Hydro, Holley 4 barrel
Just found in San Luis Obispo last year, son picked it up for a driver. It had issues from the first day. PO (previous owner, Gas Monkey Garage type with few skills) had a fuel cell laying in the trunk (used a motorcycle tie-down to "hold" it in place). Battery mounted in the trunk, holes punched through the trunk pan to run the cables through. First trip to his home I get a call "Dad the Nova made a banging sound and stopped running". I found the PO had routed the battery positive cable over the passenger side exhaust, the cable insulation burned through and shorted to ground. This melted the negative cable clamp and the cable dropped out of the clamp. Wow, the little Chevy has been abused, misused and rat-rodded into an early death! It has found a good home and my son and I bringing the car back to life.
1964 Chevrolet Chevy II 100 Nova series (269) 4 door 6 cyl inline (Light blue metallic, (Bad repaint).)


1995 small block 350 cu in out of a pick-up. Early 350 Turbo Hydro automatic transmission. Electric cooling fan wired direct to 3 amp accessory fuse. Transdapt transmission cooler pinned to the front of the integrated automatic oil to coolant radiator (no lines to the ATF cooler section). Wiring by "guess what this is". All wires and fuse board spray painted black.
Aftermarket front buckets, interior was Aqua and was rattle-canned black. No seat belts.
No mods, very interesting repaint (full of dust and bugs) metallic with heavy "tiger-striping" . Has lead a tough life, scratches and dents. Original color Satin Silver.
Tunes by 350 V8
Very stock, any modifications not apparent at this time. Standard 9.5 X 2.5 drums front and 9.5 X 2 drums rear. Stock flexi-flyer front suspension. No anti-sway bar. Mono-leaf Hotchkiss style solid axle bringing up the rear.
Wheel and Tire
Aftermarket "Disc Brake Wheel" 14' reproductions with may-pops mounted.



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