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Fathom Green
My dad bought this car over 20 years ago. He asked me to go with him to look at it. I did. I poited out everything about the car as far as verifying what it was. Original non-cracked SS steering wheel, original neutral safety switch above clutch and brake pedals. Had the original 3950113/3950114 BB Frame Mounts and also had the original 13/16 BB Sway Bar, along with the factory disc brakes and 2 piece rotors. I also noticed the car had the original HQ coil spring decals still intact on the coils. This car had the original 9204 Brake Booster and BB heater box. This car also had the original dual exhaust plate on the driver side rear frame rail and had an original shifter in it, but the shifter was rough. I still have the factory chrome trim ring/bezel for the floorshift boot. The odometer is very low mileage and the speedo looks mint. I encouraged my dad to buy it, especially at $600! It took me 12 of the next 15 years to get him to sell it to me. He custom built the car with a 350/350 turbo and a Pontiac 12 bolt Posi that I welded perches on for him. When He decided to sell me the car, I gave $3500 for it as it was restored the way he finished it. I immediately stripped the car and located the matching number 12 bolt 3:55 Posi rear, matching number M22 (Real Deal), and also found an original Bench seat "Muncie" shifter complete with all correct and original BB linkages and complete Reverse Lockout Assembly. Ive since also located a full set of date code and matching XT COPO/SS wheels. The car is in epoxy primer currently, ready for paint this spring. It will be finished in Fathom Green along with a black vinyl top, standard black bench interior, and black vinyl top, as it was from the factory.
2014 Chevrolet Nova (Fathom Green)



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