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  1. car misundertandings

    The BS Area
    My Grandfather was an auto mechanic as young man he started in World War II prepping tanks, jeeps, etc. for the D-Day invasion. he retired from Lincoln Mercury when they started putting wires in transmission pans in the Ford A.O.D's I learned the ways of the world from him, everything has to be...
  2. Model trains.

    The BS Area
    I am the caretaker of My dads Lionel's from the fifties. My dad had some kind of childhood the trains are still their original boxes and the shipping boxes they were shipped in!! some pretty cool locomotives etc. I use to set some of them up around the Christmas Tree, but Christmas isn't what...
  3. Just a cool picture and a lot of money

    The BS Area
    That is history right there!! Thanks for posting only a few out there will understand the resolve of our country back in the day!! I do appreciate the 1911 I have been fortunate to run across a few Colts over the years.
  4. Mecum 63 SS Convertible

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    Just my opinion but this big wheel thing is GOOFY!! some cars look really classy with the right wheel and tire combo, the car has to sit right, and not a foot off the pavement!! and if I had a Super Sport ragtop I would have left the peak moldings on and had the car sit right. the eight cylinder...
  5. New Use For a '63 Trunk Molding

    Ebay, etc. Discussion
    That is something you do not see everyday!! fake ginger bread!! no thanks!!
  6. December 2019 ROTM Entries

    1963 Chevy II Nova 2 door hardtop. 327 RPO L-79 engine donated from a 1966 L-79 Nova early take in 1974. Auto Gear M-22 four speed. Moser 12 Bolt rear differential Church Boys Racing upper and lower control, sway bar and Viking coil overs. this a two owner car I purchased in 1986. restored and...
  7. Banner Images Needed

  8. My 1963 Hardtop in Muscle Car Review

    Show and Shine
    Thanks for all of the comments!! I have to thank a couple of Camaro guys at one the car shows I attend they put in a good word with the magazine guy. there is a really choice 1968 L-79 Chevy II in the same issue.
  9. Banner Images Needed

    Revell that is a choice artwork!!
  10. My 1963 Hardtop in Muscle Car Review

    Show and Shine
    another picture
  11. My 1963 Hardtop in Muscle Car Review

    Show and Shine
    Thanks!! Mr. Brown:yes::yes:
  12. My 1963 Hardtop in Muscle Car Review

    Show and Shine
    A couple of pictures of 63 hardtop. Thanks to Eric English for the choice photo's and article. pretty nice spread for a first generation Nova!!
  13. 66 Wagon 2 dr conversion

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Nice Work!! Looks sharp Mr. Brown!! almost ready for color!!
  14. Cpp vs cbr

    Steering, Suspension, and Chassis
    Cbr This a great example how CBR transformed my 63 hardtop, I am still using the factory subframe with CBR upper and lower control arms, sway bar and Viking coil overs. the car has been tied together custom weld subframe connectors a good friend fabricated these up in his shop. I used heavy...
  15. 66 Wagon 2 dr conversion

    1st & 2nd Generation Chevy II/Nova's
    Wagon Nice work Mr. Brown one step closer!! looks like this wagon will be in line for a Builders Choice Award!! that's what I am thinking. :yes::yes:
  16. 63 Rear Axle Bearing Retainer Plate and Lock Ring

    1962-67 Chevy II parts *WANTED*
    Axles Always HAPPY TO HELP!! you are very welcome Barry!!:yes::yes:
  17. My CBR Experience

    Church Boys Racing
    Cbr The CBR components are second to NONE!! I have driven a first generation since 1986 as my first car and I am well versed in how they drive!! never again!! with CBR it drives like it is on rails. the options are endless with ride height and alignment. I love the way handles and the way it...
  18. 1964 4 speed console

    Body and Interior
    First Gen. Console My 63 Hardtop was converted back in the day this is the way it looks to this day. I bought this car in 1986, the four speed floor stamping is NOT reproduction it is a GM piece. I had to have the back side of the stamping repaired where is the previous owner must have had old...
  19. 1964 4 speed console

    Body and Interior
    Four Speed Rarity Bob, in all my Years I have seen only one legit one owner 1964 Super Sport 283 four speed Nova I believe it was Daytona Blue with Black Bucket interior. I still remember the rubber boot and the plastic trim ring around the Muncie handle with the white ball on top. I saw this...
  20. 1964 4 speed console

    Body and Interior
    console All four speed across the model line had a boot and trim ring and or plastic carpet retainer matching interior color. this included Super Sport model with bucket seat interior in 1964. I have seen a few consoles converted from automatic to four speed you would have to use the console...
1-20 of 460 Results