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  • 603 chevy II ·
    Hi-- Do you have any info on the Bills II chevette rack conversion. Looking for a parts list, instructions ect.

    Bruce-- Merry Chrictmas
    Tom Hartung ·
    will any other straight down oval port big block 2 1/4 inch headers fit from a different car in a 63 nova with a checkered racing front clip. Or do I have to fab some.
    i1uhrace ·
    I am looking to buy the billet-aluminum canted 4-link for my 67.
    Do you have a list of needed parts for a complete install?
    Can the stock rear seat be used with this set up?

    67ss502 ·
    Hi Mike, I bought a set of your CAChassis works headers for my zz502. They look awesome, but the flanges interfere with the head bolts by as much as 3/8inch. My question is, is it better to remove the washers on the heads and grind out the rest of the interference on the flange, or is there a special low profile head bolt that can be purchased? I just dont want to cut any of the meat off those headers and i am not sure running head bolts with out washers on aluminum heads torqued to 75ft-lbs would be a wise move.

    Thanks, Paul (the canadian racer)
    Ryan V64SS ·
    Hi Mike, Can you tell me how much weight I will save by switching out to the Chassisworks front clip on a 64?

    Thanks, Ryan
    Len66 ·
    Hey Mike, I've got my clip on and I'm trying to work out some electrical bugs. I was wondering if you can tell me if a 26 x 8 front tire will work with the clip as far as it not rubbing on my inner fenders. I have a set of front mickey thompson s/r street radials that I want use... thanks again...Len
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