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  • meem03 ·

    I have a '74 I'm working on and trying to install the package tray. My question is...does the tray cover that channel by the back window?
    Novaboy-73 ·
    Good day,

    I came across some of your videos (talon4wd) and I must say ... I thought I used to know quite abit about Novas.

    Your videos are fantastic !! Thank You !!
    Stiener ·
    Thanks! As always you have been very helpful and next time I'll PM or post to your build thread. I thought about your build thread but didn't want to change the direction of the content. Thanks Again!!
    Stiener ·
    Car looks awesome!! I have been reading along and I didn't see where you told how far you dropped the front and back suspension. I found the part where you put in the coil-overs on the front, and you gave the height before and after the coil-over change. (Maybe I just didn't read very well) LOL From where it is now how much lower than stock would you say? Thank you!! You have been very helpful.
    mbcky2 ·
    Hey when you did your floor boards what did you use on the coating and what was the stuff you used to seal all the edges again. Just trying to get a idea. Thanks
    mbcky2 ·
    Hey man i was just writing you to see if you can keep your eyes open for a set of tail lights for my 74 nova. I tried to get the ones on ebay but i wasnt able to win the bid. thanks

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