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  • Mike52 ·
    I tried to reply to the steering column PM you sent but it wouldn't send. I got this message instead.

    Sooner1 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    It's time to do some message deleting in order to keep receiving them, also don't forget to clean your Sent folder too.

    BTW, I was looking for an automatic column, thanks for trying to help!
    Z03 ·
    Hey Guy, if you ever get to Dallas, give me a call, we will drink some beer, cook some stakes and talk Novas
    onebadss350s10 ·
    how did you like the voodoo 60103 cam that you previously had in your motor? what was the idle characteristics like? how did it perform? did you run this cam at the track? if so what was your e.t?
    D-Man ·
    It's becoming more and more common with the self-aligning rockers. It's caused by the type of valves or locks that are being used. Either one will make the amount of valve tip exposed to the rocker (amount of valve tip above the retainer) shorter. The problem is sometimes that's the only way they can get a little extra I.H. (installed Height) for the added lift because the only other choices are to either cut the spring pockets deeper or install longer valves. You might also check with Scorpion to see if they can make the "Guides" on the self aligning rockers a bit shorter..
    Of course, a set of guide plates and standard roller rockers would be a sure fix... Just don't forget with guide plates, you'll need hardened pushrods as well.
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