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  • AllyMcReal ·
    Craig, I'll send you a text. Too much to list and I wanted to set up a quick conversation to see what stuff you were interested in. I'll try later today.
    AllyMcReal ·
    Craig, hope you are well. I have a bunch of stuff from a parted '65 wagon that I don't want to have to advertise, and I know you deal in these parts. Some dash knobs, dash plastic, dash pad stainless, all the upper and rear cargo wagon moldings inside the car, the lower ones by the rear door, rear seat moldings and just stuff like that. I'd much prefer to see if you are interested in the pile of stuff as advertising it here piece by piece is a pain. I'll make a you a good deal if interested.
    bbqrat ·
    If the guy doesn't buy these 62 hinges, would you quote me price USPS mailed to Alberta, Canada.. Thanks,
    Don Birmingham
    TxSteve64SW ·
    Craig, just saw your message yesterday and posted some pics if you want to ck out my profile I'm trying to get the feel for this site, not too sure how to get around and participate but am going to try. Later
    linemmup ·
    Hey Newbie here. I have purchased some parts from fore-speed and that is where I got your name from. I'm confused about sail panels for my 62 Sedan. Some people tell me there are no hard panels used in the 62s. I can not find any commercially so I assume the story about no hard sail panels is true. Do you have an answer for me? Also I understand there is a chrome trim piece (windlass hook?) at the bottom which I have no parts. Do you know about these parts and maybe do you know where they can be purchased?


    a-z racing 1 ·
    I have a 63 vert, i am looking for the bulk head connectors that hold the wire harness to the firewall and go into the fuse box. Do you have any or know who does? Barry
    AllyMcReal ·

    Notice how they keep clipping the 'New Posts' to not include your thread on the SCOTUS ruling?

    The world changes one person at a time, man.

    DEH ·
    Just an FYI, I packaged all the paper work for the sway between the cardboard panels of the box that your sway bar is in, its all in a manila file folder. I just didn't want you to throw it away. Tracking says you should get the bar on Monday.
    Harleynova63 ·
    Need some help on my door glass , just restored my 63Nova SS , putting door glass in a they are about a half inch short , when I bought the car it was just a shell and bushel baskets of parts , window crank is stroked our and the window frame is up in the door as far as it can go and the window is an half inch short , can you help me or know of someone who can ? ....... Thanks ....... Harleynova63
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