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  • awsheets ·
    Hi Chuck. Matt from Arkansas here. My rear suspension was trashed with broken front spring mounts etc. I tried to fam my own only for it to be pretty bad too. How big of a deal is it to not have the car sitting with weight on the rear suspension and try to install your 4link? what can I do?
    m22 ·
    Saw your post about door hinges, Do the after market rebuild kits fit without modifying the stock hinges. Mine have plastic bushings?
    gbrogdon ·
    Hi Nova 404 ive been following your CBR install you did I have purchased and just received a full conversion with column and coil overs going in a 1962 anything to look forward to?
    Johnsrob 66 ·
    Nova 404 How are you doing,

    My name is Robert and I am new to the forum. I see that you are in Pleasant Hill, Ca. I also live Pleasant Hill. I would like meet up with you if possible sometime. I have so many questions about my 1966 Nova. I really wanted to know how do you like your church boys racing front suspension kit.
    carsanova ·
    I altered a early clutch pedal today what a bleep the pedals are heat treated. I also talked to Menno he said 66 pedals will work so if this dosent work .at least it's not one year only.
    WheelinChewelan ·
    Hi. I saw in a post that you run flowmaster tailpipes. Is that correct? If so, which set did you buy? I heard that 1st gen Camaro tailpipes can work. I am building my own exhaust and want to buy a set of pre-fabbed tailpipes. Any insight would be great. Thanks.
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