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  • kimokai1 ·
    That sounds great Mike. However we are not going to be home for a week starting oct. 20th to 27th. when did you plan on being down south?
    62novaman ·
    Hey when you’re u wire the hei do you run a new wire for a tachometer I have one in there currently that was ran before I bought the car should I trace did the wires and connect in any point never dealt with a tac before this is my first old school project
    chris1972nova ·
    It's this thread, dated 13 July 2016:
    It seems to me many folks struggle with the concepts of current flow, particularly as related to automobiles. The spaghetti schematics provided by manufacturers add to the charm.
    There are three main circuits: The start circuit, the (re)charge circuit, and the run circuit.
    After years of designing, building and troubleshooting aerospace harnesses, I sigh and wish American Autowire would cut to the chase and make drop-in harnesses instead of the build-your-own.
    Just musing. Thanks again for sharing with clarity.
    chris1972nova ·
    Need your help on a simple electrical issue as I get ready to fire up my 72 350 for the first time after five years of restoration. Long story, but a happy one.
    BTW, your CV is noteworthy. I come from an aerospace and DoD design and build background.
    Anyway, in a post sometime in the previous two years or so you participated in a thread that contained somebody's sketch of the basic power wiring for battery, starter, alternator and possibly HEI. The guy was thinking of relocating his battery to the trunk and he was struggling with basic wiring concepts. I'm facing a time crunch and want to temporarily wire up my start and run circuits. I do not have time to install the entire harness; I merely want to fire up the engine and break in the cam after a complete rebuild.
    The HEI is a standard aftermarket unit with built-in coil.
    Can you point me toward that thread? I need that hand drawn sketch as well as your posts.
    Thx in advance.
    Chris Valcho
    Olympia, WA
    Nova Doug ·
    Hey Mike,

    Are those dual radiator pics of your rides? The first one is pretty much exactly what I am looking for. I'm just down in Napa.

    Optimist ·
    Thanks for your input Mike, fuel in the crankcase would be not good. It was originally put in because of a vapour lock problem, but I have so many other fuel issues, the old 461 2.02's have been ported and polished so much, that the gasket lands between runners varies fron about .60 to .80 wide only. I believe I had pull through from one runner to the other and also possibly lifter valley suck through. I'm going to nook the e,centric to a switch, then, I can shut off after "priming" for lack of a better term. California, nice, I'm here in Woodslee Ontario , 19 degrees here',,,,,,,,,): again, thanks for your input.
    dirtyred63 ·
    hey mike,

    this is rob collins, you did work on my Red 1963 Convertible Nova SS, You did quite a bit of work for me, 406 motor, disc brakes, rebuilt 350 trans from guys in napa, You also did work on my fathers 1969 Camaro, I wanted to reach out to you...I have moved to Atlanta Georgia, my car nova was stolen and has yet o be recovered, I have recently purchased a 1962 Impala Convertible, I am starting the build process and have a few questions for you....Do you know what year gm cars that I may be able to find front and rear disc brakes, and a rear end from? Also if I want to run a 700r4 transmission, what year make and model can i find a transmission that will not require the computer....I will also be looking for an LSI motor, any advice on a wiring harness that may work for the LSI, and 700r4, also is there a phone number to reach you as my father is in Sacramento, and could use your services on a few projects that he has....

    Robert Collins
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