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  • Brooksey ·
    Hello Miles
    Do you know the pinion seal part no for 1965 chevy 8.2. Im having a hard time finding the national seal you suggested, thank you,Dan
    Brooksey ·
    Hello Miles
    I just got a 64 wagon and was told it has a chevy 12 bolt rearend. How can i learn more about it such as the ratio and its origin, thanks I will send you a picture of it. Do you have a email a address i can send a picture to?
    Thanks again Dan
    dealer-deuce ·
    Direction, looking to buy a new differential. have old school first gen, with a 57 center section looking to buy a Moser with a 9'' center section. broke the main cap on my 57 center killed that pumpkin.
    Necro ·
    Hey, I have a diff question. Im installing a new posi, Eaton, and a new set of motive performance gears 3.90 ratio. im using the new proform universal pinion depth tool. which is a big pain in the *** it seems. i used to use a other techs tool with thge bearing simulators , but i no longer have access to that tool. question is, im having a situation , where the pinion says it needs to be 2.952 from center. i have .090 shims on it now and im still not close and the measurement is 2.554. so i need another.040 shims, doesnt that seem like wwwaaaayyyyy to much. when i first dropped it in i ran a test pattern and i thought it looked great. but after i checked it it seems way off. do you think its this new tool and im just getting incorrect readings from the 3 measurements?? help
    Brooksey ·
    Hello Miles
    I wonder if you could tell me where the vent is on a 8.2 differential. I see a hole on the top of the axle housing, Is that it. I have had my housing epoxy painted and would like to make sure the vent has not been plugged by the epoxy. Thank You, Dan
    Jacob63 ·
    Hey Miles, I'm Jacob. I have a 64 nova wagon possibly with the stock rear end. I am up grading my suspension and my motor has a little more power than stock (350) with turbo 350. I was thinking of rebuilding my rear end just because maybe even putting a posi in there. Do you sell kits or rebuild them. I am located in Gilroy, Ca. I could always come to u. Thanks either way
    novaracer1 ·
    Hey Miles. I haven't been on the site in a while, mainly because I don't own a Nova any more. But, my new project has a narrowed Ford 9" rear and it has 6.00 gear in it. I was thinking of just buying a new fully assembled 3rd member with a spool and a 4.11 gear, that way i can build the one that came out of it, at my own leisure. Do you, or can you build them at your shop? Or, maybe you have some other suggestions. Thanks,

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