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  • DEJAVU ·
    i have 63 nova and dont have the wiring harness ,i just pickup a new turn signal switch .need help with the wiring .Dont know how to hook up the wire's.
    Cooch ·
    I'm having problems with my 63 (283 out of a 64) starting. I brought it to a place to straighten the frame and they couldn't start it so they tryied to jump it and fried a bunch of wires. So.... I'm going through and checking each one. My question is: do you know what the resistance value should be for the resisitance wire? Mine is ~2.0 ohms. this seems low. I've had to replace the points, coil and horn relay. Any help is much appreciated.
    ob1monkey ·
    Love the swap pics. I'm new to the forum, would like to get more info on your swap. I just purchased a 4.8l for my 63 wagon. What pulley system are you using? I would like to eliminate all but the alternator on mine as well. ben
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