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  • 74lsnova ·
    Thank you for welcoming me. This does appear to be a great site with great people. Looking forward to making new friends.
    Keene72 ·
    Hi 71Nova SS, If it would be of interest, I would like to include a picture of the project that the forum has been helping me with. I have not been successful trying to post a picture of beast and its little friend(2003 Low Dyna Lowrider.)
    daddstoys71novas ·
    Your welcome Frank. I have many questions to ask and wonder the appropriate place. Third gen. social group? Mostly I would like opinions as I live in a small community with no Novas in site.
    Twin_Turbo_Nova ·
    Thank you for the welcome! I hope to gain more knowledge and ideas from fellow members on the site. Once our project is road worthy I hope to be able to meet up with locals on here.
    Delphil ·
    Het there, hows life
    treating you, just thought I would give you a run down on my projects here, all but completed rotisserie rebuild of the 71 SS but decided instead of a rebuild on the original 350 engine that it could live under the w/shop bench as its the numbers matching engine, went with a new 383 engine, have built this car for my son & are not far from putting on the rd, also complete rotisserie rebuilt the L78 body which is currently being painted Le Mans blue also resurrecting the 396 engine which needed a sleeve in no 1, had a cracked crankshaft but found another steel 1 here, TRW 2240 pistons & 840 heads & new solid cam the old school way & maybe on the rd by Xmas, hope all is well @ your end
    Maintain ·
    Thanks man. Really appreciate that. Where you from? Maybe we could hook up sometime, and compare rides....Greg
    '71 Nova SS ·
    Hi original air cleaner is long gone, but I do have what I think is a pic of the original setup which I'll send your way. My '71 has a 270 HP 350, so the decal would say Turbo-Fire 270. It came with a 4bbl Quadrajet which too is long gone. The top was chrome, and the bottom black. Hope this helps.
    If you find 2, please let me know as I'm looking for another original too.
    87gn ·
    Hello Frank, is it possible to get a close-up picture of your air cleaner lid? I've been acquiring true and accurate SS parts and want to make sure I get the correct style lid. Thanks, Glenn
    speednturn ·
    Thanks Frank. I am trying to post more pictures but i first want to find a spot to take new pictures to include the interior, engine and trunk. Then if i can figure out how to make links active in my signature i'll make the albums and make them accessible from my signature link. Alex
    speednturn ·

    This is way late, but, a few months ago you kindly replied to my original posting and I did not reply to say "Thank You". I sincerely apologize for that. A second thank you for stating, "Maybe we can get him active again." That made me feel good. I still own my 65 Nova and much cleaning and or just long needed new items have been added or replaced.

    The car has now reached 50 years just as I have and if you go to my Photo album there is a picture there of me in my moms arms at about six months old infront of the Nova with my older brother sitting on the hood.

    P.S. Just posted a one minute video of me cruising to 2015 Temecula RodRun in car profile forum in the first sticky called member videos post#55, check it out!

    Muchas Gracias,
    Alejandro Gonzalez
    SoCal I.E.
    '71 Nova SS ·
    I'm not an expert on these matters by any means, but if you are registered (which you must be), there shouldn't be any problems.
    There's a moderator in each forum usually listed near the top someplace. PM him and he should be able to figure it out.
    I'm pretty sure that there are some forums that you can't post to until you have a 25 post count. Classifieds for one.
    Start welcoming new members until you get your post count up.
    Good luck in getting it straightened out. F
    magnumbick ·
    I am having a horrible time replying to posts. It is saying that I am not allowed, am I doing something wrong can you help me.
    Unclegus ·
    Made it thru the surgery, Nine hours of it, and was in the hospital for twelve days. Still not up to par, but these things just take time. Actually took a shower by myself and even put on a pair of shoes by myself today. How do you eat am elephant? One bite at a time. Thanks for asking about me. John
    Milwaukeetool ·
    Anything new with your car?
    Been taking care of a few electrical issues with mine.
    Hope you and your family are doing well.
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