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  • vanovafan ·
    NovaBoy, I was reading an old post about the Don Guill Chevy II and you posted a picture of an original 1966 Chevy II order Form. You would happen to have a picture of the entire Order form would you? I have never seen a whole order form. Thanks for you time and posting.
    GlenG_Calgary ·
    Hi, I'm trying to put in a S-T10 into a 66 and the trans cross member will need a notch in the front as you said but I can not get the stock rubber mount in with out the yoke touching the bottom of the floor. Is there a thinner mount or do I have to lower the plate inside the cross member?
    Thanks, Glen.
    davesplace80 ·
    Hey Dave, How you doing? Been hammering on the Nova this year. The body is coming along.

    I am looking for clutch parts if you see anything around for a good price. I pretty much need everything except the trans. I am most likely going with a Tremeck 5 speed but hate like hell to get everything new.

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