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Originally Posted by daddstoys71novas View Post
Thank you for the info gentlemen. I have been searching the web for info. and have come to the conclusion that my solenoid is for a 1970 chev as it has only vacum ports and that a 71 has an idle function on the single side of the solenoid.
One of my reference sources supports this, another does not. It could be somewhere in the middle, where the unit becomes a type of idle stop solenoid in 1971, but only for California. That was a common practice across car makers in this period.

When you are ready to put this thing back together, PM me and I will send you scans of what literature I have.

As for disabling it, you could use small BBs or break off golf tees inside the vacuum lines. That is an old trick to beat the California step #1 visual test.

From reading an overview of the 1971 system, it is there to prevent dieseling, delay spark advance at certain times and the big one appears to be cut spark advance on WOT decel. Yours uses both a temp sensor and TVS, so it would only operate in certain engine temp ranges. It would be a fun little project to try and get it to actually work. All that bolt on stuff was rushed engineered to meet new Federal emissions regs and often only functioned correctly on paper.
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