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Hi I see you have traced some history. As Smackya said there are web sites that will do the history of ownership. Usually for a fee. (nothing is free nowa days) With privacy laws the way they are today,you may not be permitted to access that info. All states are different! Did you reach out to the last known owner on your list. Sometimes 13 digit vins are some what hard to trace ownership...due to the way records were kept in the day. Unlike our overloaded lives today in the word of computers. I know the Nova resource site can decode the vin and firewall plate codes. There has to be an administrator to the site try and reach out to them. I hope you find your car! I actually have my 1st car an Ivy green 1963 Nova SS I bought it in 1980. Good luck with your search! If I can help you in anyway just ask. I almost sold my car numerous times but had sellers remorse and just couldn't do it. You can't get rid of part of your youth and lets not to forget the memories...oh if that car could talk. LOL Don't give up if there is no salvage record it's still out there. I just thought of something you may not be able to find the most recent owner, but you might be able to see if the car was junked/taken off the road etc... Again good luck! Let us know if you find it.
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