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Originally Posted by l79Nova View Post
...I bought the car in 1974 and it has the black plates that were on it then. I live in California and my plate starts with a V which I have been told was registered to 1967 vehicles. So it seems my car my have had a change in ownership where the original plates were removed for whatever reason or it remained on the lot unsold until 1967. ?? My father or myself had owned two other 1966 cars which had plates starting with a T or a R.
The first three letters of the California black plates are the sequence code for the issuing DMV. For reference in your area Hawthorne was GHS - GKH, Inglewood GLX - GQN and Torrance IQT - ITZ.

The letters are also tied to the year of issue sort of. Supposedly each year between 1963 and 1968 (or 69 depending on source) the DMV stamped x thousands of plates and distributed them out to regional offices. The subsequent year the letter codes moved forward alphabetically. As a generic example, in 1963 they produced sequence AAA - CCC, in 1964 DDD - FFF and so on. A plate starting with a "V" is supposed to be in the 1967 plate pool, unfortunately I do not have reference to its district.

Here is how this system breaks down in application...

A DMV office would hand out plates from stock as needed. Lets assume they did not skip sequence. If they were in a rural area it could take them a few years to exhaust their initial supply from 1963. Hence they are plating 1966 model year cars with 1963 designated plates. Conversely, a dealer in Los Angeles might exhaust their supply in 6 months. What plates were they then restocked with? Was there a pool of reserve plates for just this scenario?

Real world example, my 65 SS had plates starting with NPG (I still have them) which is in the 1963 license plate pool for the central Sacramento office. As far as I know the car had been in L.A. its whole life and never re-plated. Could it be left over 1963 plate stock in Sacramento was shipped to a busy L.A. dealer to fill plate demand in 1965?

Cars can also have black plates "out of sequence" if they were from another state then brought into California in this period. Say a 1962 Nova was brought into California in 1968, it would have been given 1968 batch plates (theoretically )
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