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[QUOTE=Custom Jim;5848143]If the filament bulb worked and you are in parallel to the wires to that bulb with wires from the LED's then either you have the polarity backwards on the LED's, a poor or missing connection, or a bad LED assembly.

I would take the LED light and put it across the terminals of the battery to make sue it works noting which wire goes to power and which to ground and then try going to the turn signal wires.

Just a head's up but on for example my 68, I have the turn signal lights and housing in the bumper and only two wires going to the light socket and one wire is for the parking light and the other for the turn signal and for things to work properly the light socket and housing MUST be grounded for things to work properly. If I were to use the two wires going to my bumper turn signal/parking light bulb and try and power up an LED strip, it would not work properly. If I had the power wire off of the LED strip to the wire for the turn signal and the ground for the LED strip connected to the parking light wire the voltage would not be right as the LED is not getting a proper ground for it to work properly.

On a side note, here are the resistors I have seen at the local parts store:

I hooked the LED to the battery. Worked fine. I called Sylvania about those resistors. They said they have to be used with there lights. . Your last sentence is right, so how do I ground the LED light. It's all plastic. Here is a picture of them.
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