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Backed by the determination for the Chevrolet Nova, II, Acadian, Steve's Nova Site is destined for great things. After a proposition from Wayne at The National Nostalgic Nova Club (NNN) we have team up or should I say he has sponsored, and will remain the main sponsor of the site.  The site is funded by both its sponsorship, and by the donations it receives.

Together we can promote the dedication to preservation, restoration, rodding and history of the '62 - '79 Chevy Nova and Acadian, as well as continuing to provide friendship and information to the hobby.  For information on how to join the NNN Club please visit their web site, linked above.

Here is a copy of the National Nostalgic Nova Club application for membership. 

This site is based in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada.

Remember the pages motto "Nova People Helping Nova People" (NPHNP).


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